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The world famous Ballydoyle Stable, founded by one of the greatest trainers of all time, Vincent O’Brien, has seen some legendary horses pass through its doors, many including the great Saddlers Wells went on to stand as stallions at their breeding arm Coolmore Stud. Our tip for Tipp is to keep an eye out as you drive through the south east of Tipperary. The beautiful young foal you see by their mother’s side could be a future horseracing legend.

St Mary’s Famine & War Museum

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Address: St. Mary's Lane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary
St Mary’s Famine & War Museum
St Mary’s Famine and War Museum: Thurles Famine Museum contains one of the largest collections of original Great Famine memorabilia in Ireland. In 1995 the Thurles Church of Ireland community kindly donated one third of St Mary’s Church to create this tourist attraction and to commemorate the many Irish people who lost their lives through disease and starvation during the Great Famine period in the Ireland, of 1845-1849.

It also commemorates all wars from Crimean to Vietnam. Both museums are designed to be as informative and interesting as possible.
Museum Site: The Church is the burial place of Lady Elizabeth Matthew, alias Poyntz,  Viscountess of Thurles and progenitor to the present heirs to the British Throne.

Both Museums Display:
1. The only existing ‘Minutes’ of a Famine Food Committee now in existence today, recording the day to day efforts during 1846/47.
2. Dan Breen’s revolver from the Solohead Ambush, including buttons from tunic of R.I.C. Constable J.A.McDonnell.
3. Signatures of Irish Confederation members Thomas Francis Meagher (Meagher of the Sword) & Patrick O’Donoghue, written on a book cover, while detained in Richmond Prison, following the Ballingarry uprising 1848.
4. Book containing full details of those families who were given “gratuitous relief” in Thurles dated 1846/47.
5. The Armstrong collection; Military uniforms from The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst period 1890-1909 including the only Military Jacket of an Officer present during the Gallipoli Campaign between 1915/16 presently in Ireland.
6. The Trant (BP) revolver with issued 1883 Licence, used for protection during local Land League agitation in Tipperary.
7. Landau Carriage; dated 1841 used to examine the potato crop in Co Tipperary by Joseph Moore Labarte. Latter Barrister and British Government Inspector, appointed to Co Tipperary during the Great Famine Period and influential in the introduction of the Irish railway systems of 1848.
8. Numerous other artefacts offering primary resources to visitors, students & lovers of Irish / World history.

Opening Hours: May to September - 10.00am to 4.30pm (Doors close 5.30pm)
Note: No time limit for any visitors & museum will open outside of normal business hours (9.30 - 4.30) to accommodate the needs of all/any visiting groups.

Entry Charge: Admission Rates are €2.00 per person Inc. with Drivers & Couriers free of charge. This rate applies to groups under 40 in number. All admissions include a guided tour & lecture, however latter is given only by advanced request.
Special tour group rates for persons numbering over 40 in number, €65 Inc.

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