Welcome to Roscrea

Here in the heart of the midlands, Roscrea, Tipperary is one the oldest and most historic towns in Ireland. For thousands of years people have lived in the valley between the Slieve Bloom and the Devils bit mountains. The antiquities and monuments date as far back as the Stone Age and every succeeding age has left its own unique mark on the town and district. The town can trace its roots back to three of the sources our ancient towns have come from, the Aonach, the monastery and the castle. Because of this diversity in origin Roscrea has a wide variety of monuments and stories such as Monaincha, the thirty-first wonder of the world, and Aonach Éile, the great fair of Ely that merchants would come from foreign lands to see. Nowadays these amazing monuments stand as mute sentinels, reminding us of a history and culture.

Visit Roscrea Castle and Damer House on your next trip to Roscrea and take in the Blackmills Visitor Centre,  all located in the heart of the town. There are plenty of accommodation options with two hotels in Roscrea and bed and breakfasts around the town and surrounding area. Roscrea is close to the Slieve Blooms and the Devil's Bit which are ideal locations for walking and hiking enthusiasts. Local pubs have tradtitional Irish music sessions throughout the year and the town has a good choice of restaurants and cafes to entice you in and sample the local Tipperary produce.

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