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Things to do in Tipperary in September & October

  • Free things to do with kids in Tipperary in September
  • Games for kids and family in County Tipperary Ireland
  • Visit a GAA Tipperary hurling match if you dare
  • Things to do Culture Night 2017 Tipperary
  • Dromineer Literature Festival for writers and poets
  • Time to visit Tipperary for all music and arts lovers - writing and artwork by

So it’s that time of year and you might be thinking “what are the things to do in Tipperary in September & October?” It’s a sort of no-mans land, September. The leaves have not yet turned but are going that delicious light green colour. It’s not cold and it’s not warm. The weather has been so mild here this year, that the leaves are just barely starting to fall from the trees. As usual, we have lots for you to do, whether you are a family out for some fun, or a culture vulture.

Things to do outdoors with children - Conkers

The conkers are out and crying out to be threaded. Conkers is a traditional children's game in Tipperary and Ireland. It’s played using the seeds of the horse chestnut tree. The name 'conker' is applied to the seed we use to play the game. The game is played by two players, each with a conker threaded onto a piece of string: they take turns striking each other's conker until one breaks. Incidentally (a useless fact for the table quiz sessions on Lough Derg), in England the game was originally played using snail shells.

Places to find Conkers

Marl Bog is located on the Tipperary to Thurles road, 1km on Tipperary side of Dundrum Village. It is a part of Dundrum Forest which is centred around Dundrum village in County Tipperary. Apart from the required horse chestnut trees, it has a manmade lake stocked with trout. You can read more about it here: Marl Bog .

The next beautiful forest for a walk on the conker hunt is Gortavoher. It’s located in the Glen of Aherlow. Another table quiz fact; did you know that Aherlow is derived from the Irish Eartharlach that translates to ‘low land between two high lands’? The area is steeped in history and folklore. Slievenamuck (Sliabh Muice in Gaelic which translates as Mountain of the Pigs), is believed to derive its name from the herds of wild pigs that once roamed the valley. Legend has it that it was on this hillside that Fionn mac Cumhaill slew the dangerous sow Beo, who was causing havoc in Munster at that time. You can also travel the roads that Charles Bianconi’s horse drawn carriage serviced in the 1800’s via the local Coach Road stopping point. Bianconi was an Italian who played a major role in the development of coach services distributing both mail and passengers throughout Ireland. A section of one of these routes has been restored within the forest. You can find out more here.

Attend a GAA Hurling match

You may not know it, but the G.A.A. was founded in Tipperary, in Thurles. The G.A.A. is Irelands national sporting body and governs inter town and inter county matches in gaelic (the Irish version of football) and hurling. The first ever meeting of the G.A.A. took place in Hayes Hotel, Thurles (you can stay in the hotel to this day). As the world knows Tipperary is hurling mad. It’s a game of serious skill and speed. Try to catch a match on your visit, you won’t be disappointed. Just look for the local G.A.A. club to find out when the next match is.

Culture Night

Don’t forget Culture Night is on the 22nd of September next. There are lots of things on around the county. One of our favourite is being run in Nenagh. Tipperary Arts Office are celebrating with a series of short films shot in Tipperary. These portray everyday life from the distant past. You can find out what it was like to visit a wet fair day in 1955, hear domestic tips from a Tipperary housewife from 1964 or and see a hurling film from Thurles in 1955. You can read full details here; Culture Night

The full list for the county is over on the Tipperary County Council website.

Dromineer Literary Festival – 6th – 8th October 2017

If you are a budding writer, get ready for the Dromineer LiteraryFestival which is coming up on the 6th of October. From its first event in November 2004, the Dromineer Literary Festival has grown into a much loved and warmly anticipated event on the autumn literary calendar. The festival has now an international reputation with entries to the 2017 writing competitions from Ireland, the UK, France, Canada, the USA, South America and Hong Kong. Internationally-acclaimed poets Martina Evans, Martin Malone and Geraldine Mitchell will be reading at the poetry evening in Nenagh Arts Centre on Friday, 6th October. Transition Year students can also do a workshop the same evening. You can meet some authors on the Saturday or attend a writing fiction workshop. On the Sunday you can attend Nenagh Castle where ‘The Doctor’s Wife is Dead….’

You can find out more here.

Tipperary Dance Platform – 7th -15th Octover 2017

Nested in Tipperary Town since 2010, Tipperary Dance Platform is an annual international dance festival characterised by its friendly atmosphere and Irish hospitality. The festival offers a vibrant festive gathering for visitors, local audiences and dance professionals. Shows, classes for children, cine-club, videos screening, forum... Discover the art of dance with a unique line-up of International and Irish-based artists selected among some of the most exciting companies in Ireland and abroad.

Contact Name: Jazmin Chiodi Telephone: 0851683611


Spleodar – Nenagh Community Arts Festival – October 28th – 31st 2017

Spleodar is an Arts, Festival, Music, and Comedy Festival held in Nenagh. The Annual Spleodar Festival over Hallowe'en weekend brings magic and wonder to the street of Nenagh including a great selection of workshops and events to keep the kids and family occupied. The annual fireworks spectacular is not to be missed.

Contact: 067 34400