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New Tourism Strategy for County Tipperary

New Tourism Strategy for County Tipperary

Tipperary County Council in conjunction with Tipperary Tourism Company recently adopted a new 'Strategic Tourism Marketing, Experience & Destination Development Plan 2016 - 2021' for County Tipperary.This is the first time in the history of Tipperary that a single tourism plan has been developed for the County. It will build on all the work previously delivered by the North and South entities that came before it. Together we are stronger and will have a greater reach and a stronger offering for visitors.

Tipperary is the undiscovered heartland of Ireland, so easy to access, offering real authentic, high quality visitor experiences. This plan showcases the vast abundance of excellent visitor experiences that the County has to offer and outlines a plan of action on how to market and develop destination Tipperary so that it gains significant traction on the domestic and international stage.This plan identifies how we need to work together with the tourism providers in the County and the key agencies to coordinate support for the tourism sector in County Tipperary.
Tipperary Tourism Company and Tipperary County Council will be key leaders in the implementation of this plan. The support and engagement of the tourism trade in the county is vital for success.
It is a very exciting time for tourism and for Tipperary.

The full Tourism Strategy and the Summary Document of the Strategic Plan for Tourism are available in pdf format in the links below.