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Time To Discover Our New Identity

The Tipperary brand puts a fresh new spin on Tipperary, its richly historical past, sublime beauty and charming culture. While the brand acknowledges the importance of Tipperary’s heritage, it also showcases the timeless natural beauty of the county and its refreshingly laidback pace of life.

The tone of our brand identity is therefore suitably down-to-earth and easy-going. Whilst being contemporary, it is always welcoming and friendly.

Inspired by Tipperary’s stunning natural landscapes and rich heritage, the logo embodies a contemporary vision of Tipperary as both a place steeped in history and culture and a haven of timeless beauty and reinvigoration. Tipperary is a place that gives you the “time to take it all in”.

These brand guidelines were created to provide you with a thorough set of instructions on how to use our logo both in print and digitally. Our brand was created with a sincere passion and love for Tipperary. We ask you to please follow these guidelines in the same way.

Our logo is available in four different colours, our primary colour for use wherever possible. Black for use in mono printing when on white. White for use in mono printing when on black and reversed for use on colour imagery when the primary logo just won't do.

You can download our Logo for your own use here