Fairy Fort Farm

Breathe the fresh country air, relax, and unwind at Fairy Fort Farm in Borrisoleigh County Tipperary.

Fairy Fort Farm

Breathe the fresh country air, relax, and unwind at Fairy Fort Farm in Borrisoleigh County Tipperary. It comprises of a traditional-style animal farm, a fairy fort (to make wishes on), the Blue Star Hostel and self-catering cottages.

Come and enjoy farm walks through the fields and meadows, by streams and moorland.
You will find many different species of wildflowers, rabbit holes, fox dens and badger sets.

In addition to a wide variety of animals there is also an ancient Fort where people can experience the energies of a distant past.

There are also walks through the farm to the stream.
People return to Fairy Fort Farm on a regular basis, which is most heartening and encouraging. There is also a bouncy castle area for the kids to play and a nicely lawned picnic area.

VISIT Fairy Fort Farm just 5 euro or 20 euro FAMILY TICKET

Failte! Welcome to Fairy Fort Farm!

Enjoy the antics of the animals. Interact with various pets including kid goats, donkey,
chickens, piglets, doves...

Gairin agus Leanbh - Goats
Our goats are very friendly. They also provide milk for the house. We are presently experimenting with making goats cheese. Our first batch has been described as delicious by our hungry wwoofers, who also enjoyed caring for the goats, milking them in the early morning dew etc.

Na Mucha - Pigs
Here we have a fewright characters:
We call the sow Britney because a great girl, called Britney, from Alaska brought two young sows home the very first night in a small cardboard box in the front of my old Nissan Primera. And now 'Britney' has had eleven beautiful multicolored little bonhams (piglets).

Na g-Cearc - Roddy is 'Cock of the roost'
He and his wives Bridie and Maggie are presently working hard providing eggs for the house.
Any surplus is used for hatching out new little baby chicks by one of our accomodating bantams clockers (hatching hens).

An t-Asal - Donkey
Neidin is our latest arrival and boy, has he made a big impression! He is a right little character. Typical of the old type Irish donkey, complete with cross on his back and endearing temperament, despite being a full male. He could be the lead singer in the donkey choir.

Na Lacha - Ducks
These little ducklings are everyone's favourites. They quack noisely at feed time and make such a fantastic show at swim time. We have a mixture of Aylesbury, and Khaki Cambells and beautiful hybrids. The drake's name is Donal.

na Ge - Geese
Geese are renowned as excellent
and these are no exception.

an mhaithir is a mhac- Horses
Our mares and foals pictured here on the farm, are our pride and joy! Each year we look forward to the birth of the new arrivals. We are presently breeding mainly high quality show jumpers and eventers. We also have young horses, yearlings, and two and three year olds. And of course we are delighted that they all show promise.

Ar cara beag - Rabbits
Our rabbits are always a favourite with young and old alike. Roger and Reenie are presently planning a family.

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Michael O'Donnell
+353 (86) 4021659