Grange Crag Loop Walk

Grange village to wood entrance With your back to Hogans Pub, turn left and follow the purple arrows along the surfaced road.

Grange Crag Loop Walk

Grange Crag Loop
(*follow the purple arrows*)
Directions for the walk;
With your back to Hogans Pub, turn left and follow the purple arrows along the surfaced road.
Walk for 500m to reach the entrance to Grange crag Woods on your right. Turn right here.

Wood entrance to Point 2: Follow the woodland track for 300m to reach the site of an icehouse
(see elsewhere on this guide on what an icehouse is) where you veer left.
After another 200m you reach a 3-way junction - turn right here, still following the purple arrows.
Continue to ascend along the forest road to reach a 3-way junction where the green loop turns right onto a grassy trail - BUT you turn sharp left.

Points 2 to 4: Continue to follow the forestry road as it gently ascends for more than 1km to reach a
T-junction where you turn sharp right on to another forestry road.

Points 4 to 5: After 200m you reach a set of steps and track on the left which takes you uphill to reach the impressive Wellington Tower.
At the Wellington Tower monument have a well deserved rest. Then try to read the inscription on the finely carved limestone dedication stone on its west face.
(A brief history of the Tower features in this guide). Walk around its back and discover why it was designed to be viewed from only two sides.

Points 5 to 7: Once finished your viewing at this the highest point of the walk (310 metres) take the other exit track through the trees to the southwest down on to the forestry road.
Turn left and follow the road with its magnificent views to the west on your right.
At the path T junction follow the purple arrows and turn to the left. Walk towards the forestry entrance gates.
Some fine views of the surrounding countryside open up on your right before you reach the barrier and a junction onto a public road.
Do not exit on to the public road at the wood entrance instead veer right & directly back into the forestry through the facing barrier .

Point 7 to 10 Follow this forestry road for about 500m to its conclusion where the forest road ends and narrows on the right to a single track to cross open ground and reach mature broadleaf
woodland. Enjoy again the spectacular views to the west.

Points 10 to 12 Shortly after entering the woodland the loop turns right and descends along a stream. You follow criss-crossing by railway sleeper bridges and steps to exit onto a track where it rejoins the green loop and turns left.

Points 12 to 13 Follow the trail for about 150 metres to a fine view over the village of Grange with Kilcooly Abbey in the middle distance and the Devils Bit Mountain on the western

Point 13 to Grange village Continue to follow the green and purple arrows along the woodland track for almost 1km to reach a surfaced road.
Turn right and downhill here.

Directions to Grange
From the town of Urlingford on the N8, take the R690 in the direction of Mullinahone. After 2km stay on the R690 as the road splits – the R689 goes to Killenaule.
Continue for almost 5km with the impressive stone wall of Kilcooly Abbey to your left, to a junction where you turn left (following the wall) off the main road and after 2km enter the village of Grange. The trailhead is located opposite Hogan’s Bar.

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